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2016 Winners

Innovation in Wound Care
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  • 1st Andrew Baird
  • 2nd Charmaine Childs
  • 3rd Expert Centre in Wound Care

Cost effective Wound Management
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  • 1st Julian Guest
  • 2nd Paweł Stanirowski
  • 3rd Leanne Atkin and Joy Tickle

Infection and Biofilm
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  • 1st Philip Bowler, Daniel Metcalf and Jennifer Hurlow
  • 2nd Gregory Schultz
  • 3rd Thomas Bjarnsholt

Contribution to Education in Wound care
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  • 1st University of Huddersfield
  • 2nd Kimberly LeBlanc
  • 3rd William Li

Advances in Pressure Care
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  • 1st Amit Gefen
  • 2nd Nick Santamaria
  • 3rd Zero Pressure Ulcer Campaign

Contribution to Clinical or Preclinical Research
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  • 1st Allison Cowin
  • 2nd Nelson Pinto, Marco Quirynen and Yelka Zamora
  • 3rd Teresa Oranges

Outstanding Achievement in Patient Care
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  • 1st Paul Glat
  • 2nd Helena Vicente, Dora Franco, Margarida Rafael, Lígia Ferreira, Elza Antunes and Elisabete Rosa
  • 3rd Miguel Ángel Barbas Monjo

Most Innovative Dressing
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  • 1st AQUACEL Ag+ Extra
  • 2nd Zorflex
  • 3rd Hydroclean plus

Most Innovative Product
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  • 1st Circaid juxtacures
  • 2nd Adtec SteriPlas gas plasma technology
  • 3rd Debrisoft

Most Progressive Society (WUWHS)
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  • 1st The International Skin Tear Advisory Panel (ISTAP)
  • 2nd Association for the advancement of wound care (AAWC, Vickie R Driver) and Wound Healing Society (WHS, Lisa J. Gould)
  • 3rd Italian Nursing Wound Healing Society (AISLeC)–The biofilm affair

Rising Star Award
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  • Alicja Krejner
  • Francesca Papadia
  • Chih Sheng Lai

Lifetime Achievement Award
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  • Professor Christine Moffatt CBE